Non-paying guests

Roberta Robin has returned for her annual visit again this year…..and like last year, she arrived, made her own bed, and never offered to pay…but she didn’t demand breakfast and offered to sing for her room. She also offered to great other human guests as they arrived, provided they didn’t get closer than 5 feet. Since her bedroom is on the front porch and without walls, what else could you expect? While there, she decided to give birth to three new hatchlings and is asking if they can be included in the free board. After one look into her neat bed, we decided she could stay as long as she continues to sing and her male friend keeps bringing in his share of the inroom breakfasts. Are we being too kind?

Momma  Robin with some additional guests

The Roses are Blooming

Spring has sprung at Cedar Rose Inn and our roses greeting guests on their arrival as they drive up our circle drive have now begun to bloom. A wonderful time of year in Alexandria as the lakes warm, the many birds sing for the birdwatchers, and the whole town bustles with hospitality. We welcome you to our inn, where we have all the amenities, a great view, and a desire to provide the best service possible. We know exactly what big chain hotels are always missing, that personal touch! We are always very careful to provide that here, and we are sure that you will enjoy your stay. We very recently added a Weighted Blanket to every room! They are large enough for two people just like the bed is, and they are super comfy. They hold in the warmth very well. If you have never tried one you don’t know what you are missing. They are simply the best. Not many people know of them or regularly own them, so we thought we could add a new experience to something as simply as laying in bed resting. So far our customers are very happy with the addition, and some have even told us they will order some for their homes for regular use actually.

Come stay with us and experience all our bed and breakfast has to offer. Still a couple rooms available this weekend.