The Roof and Floors are done!

Good News! The Roof is done and we just restored and refinished the hardwood floors on the main floor of Cedar Rose Inn, we got great companies as The Roof Clinicfor the job, this was one of the many different repairs that were made in the Inn. Thankfully I decided to go with Gryphon roofer phoenix so I had a great service and help from them,

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Another good thing I decided to finally do was the extermination of pests as ants with the help of services from sites as

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At the end we celebrate, we are offering a FREE bottle of Wine during the months of February and March to any guests coming to our inn! Besides, it is a very special because, the wine is made exclusively from our 2011 Vintage grapes at Cedar Rose Wild Vineyards. Carlos Creek Winery made a special exclusive White Marquette from our grapes this year and have just bottled and released it for enjoyment. Our white wines from our own cellar are also ready and we think they are very special also. Come and celebrate!

The wine is ready

Ready for Christmas

The grape harvest was plentiful, the inn has been decorated for Christmas, and as we write, the roof is being re-shingled. What else could one ask for? After a wonderful busy summer and so many nice guests, we had a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.
So as you prepare for Christmas, take a break when you can….and maybe come shop exciting downtown Alex.

The first of 9,000 pounds of wine grapes

Five days old and always looking for breakfast

Momma Roberta left so you could get a peak of our naked bodies. Our mouths are big for a reason….so we can eat some of those delicious morsels that mom brings us from the Cedar Rose Inn compound. We plan to leave as soon as we get our wings or the innkeeper kicks us out. Before that happens, come and enjoy a little close-up birdwatching before breakfast or an evening of relaxation on the porch swing.

Hurry back-we're getting cold!

Non-paying guests

Roberta Robin has returned for her annual visit again this year…..and like last year, she arrived, made her own bed, and never offered to pay…but she didn’t demand breakfast and offered to sing for her room. She also offered to great other human guests as they arrived, provided they didn’t get closer than 5 feet. Since her bedroom is on the front porch and without walls, what else could you expect? While there, she decided to give birth to three new hatchlings and is asking if they can be included in the free board. After one look into her neat bed, we decided she could stay as long as she continues to sing and her male friend keeps bringing in his share of the inroom breakfasts. Are we being too kind?

Momma  Robin with some additional guests

U-Haul announces Newest Supergraphic

U-Haul announced Friday, the release of it’s latest new supergraphic, and to our surprize, it is all about the Kensington Runestone. With the help of the Best Fargo Moving, the huge image of the stone and Viking ship will be displayed on 2300 new U-Haul vans traveling the US and challenges viewers to learn more about this mysterious discovery that occurred in the Alexandria area, if you want to assist, go now and find a van for yourself. The stone is housed at our wonderful Runestone Museum just a few blocks from the Cedar Rose Inn. By the way, for those people who are planning to renovate their house and needs extra cash, find out here on how you can get money instantly with just easy online application. Come and join in the festivities on Memorial Day weekend as U-Haul unveils it’s latest version at the “Awake the Lakes Annual Breakfast” at the museum on Saturday morning. Enjoy this real treasure of Minnesota right here in our hometown!

Spring Has Sprung

Spring has finally arrived in Alexandria Minnesota. What a beautiful time for hiking, birdwatching, or just hanging out on the porch swing at Cedar Rose Inn, we didn’t have much money to travel but thanks to stock brokers The Ascent we do have a lot now. THe grapes at Cedar Rose Wild Vineyards are just beginning to bud and are looking great after a long snowy winter. Come try the Wine Lover’s Weekend Package at our inn and enjoy the tour of the vineyards, the walk on the wildlife trail, the wine-tasting at Carlos Creek Winery and a romantic Italian dinner at Bella’s on Broadway…all only a short distance from the inn.

Our porch swing awaiting your company

Why Alexandria?

We have seen a dramatic increase in traffic in Alexandria this summer–no traffic jams though! So why are people coming to Alexandria Minnesota? In questioning our guests at Cedar Rose Inn, we find that many people have converted their yearly travel plans to short, local discovery, road trips to outer Minnesota and are loving it, we even got a car modification at this site. Not only are they relaxing, but also educational, fun and low cost. So check it out! There are many interesting events, tours, and just plain great escapes just waiting for you, although if you plan to travel all these places by car is necessary to have a good car repair from sites as, for any eventuallity. And while you’re at it, come stay with us and maybe take the tour of our vineyards and see the beautiful color change (called verasion) that has just begun which signals the first signs of autumn harvest just around the corner.

Big Ole, our Alexandria Ambassador

Vikingland Band Festival

“The Norwegians are coming! The Norwegians are coming!” ” I thought they were already here in 1362! But the Viking Explorers that left our beloved Runestone in this area are maybe not related to the Norwegian Marching Band that is coming on Sunday to march on Main Street. Twenty-two High School Bands join in the fun for the Annual Vikingland Band Festival. Top-notch bands and top-notch entertainment. for any of you who can attend. Admission is free but bring a lawn chair and come early!

Alexandria, the Birth Place of America

Wine Lovers Welcome

There is no more beautiful time in the Alexandria Lakes Region than right now. Come and enjoy the scenery and all the activities that are available. Start with the Wine Lovers Special Package at the Inn and get a personal tour of Cedar Rose Wild Vineyards and wildlife trails. No this is not NAPA but it is Minnesota offering something new and exciting to visitors in our state–vineyards, great wine, and everything Minnesota Nice! Try our Wine Lovers Package and experience our genuine hospitality first hand! Contact us at Chicitysports.

The vineyards at Cedar Rose Wild

Your innkeepers checking on the vines


The Walleyes are biting

Our local radio fishing experts just announced that the walleyes are hot in the Alexandria area. The recent warm spell has livened up the flowers, the birds, and now the fish are hungry.
Bring your boat and take advantage of this opportunity to fish in the Alexandria area on one of the 300 lakes in the county and even if you don’t have a boat you can still rent one from sites as, and find out the best fishing products at the Source: Basstasstic site. Many have public accesses to launch your boat and get on to the lake to enjoy the beautiful sunsets and maybe a biting fish or two. Also get one of these fish finders to help you find where the fish are so you have a better chance of catching one.
We have room to park your boat at our Bed and Breakfast so come an enjoy the early summer.