Why Alexandria?

We have seen a dramatic increase in traffic in Alexandria this summer–no traffic jams though! So why are people coming to Alexandria Minnesota? In questioning our guests at Cedar Rose Inn, we find that many people have converted their yearly travel plans to short, local discovery, road trips to outer Minnesota and are loving it, we even got a car modification at this site. Not only are they relaxing, but also educational, fun and low cost. So check it out! There are many interesting events, tours, and just plain great escapes just waiting for you, although if you plan to travel all these places by car is necessary to have a good car repair from sites as www.atloceanside.com, for any eventuallity. And while you’re at it, come stay with us and maybe take the tour of our vineyards and see the beautiful color change (called verasion) that has just begun which signals the first signs of autumn harvest just around the corner.

Big Ole, our Alexandria Ambassador