Cedar Rose Inn will once again begin taking guests in Spring of 2016

Christmas Theatre

Looking for something special to do this Christmas? Why not combine a stay at Cedar Rose Inn, Dinner downtown at Bella’s, and the AAAA Theater performance of ” Its a Wonderful Life” ! All within walking distance of the Inn. Just check our Availability Calender and Ticket availability at AAAA Theatre ( or give us a call and we can check for you. Merry Christmas

The Nutcrackers are on the Mantel !

Cedar Rose Inn is decorated for Christmas and waiting for your arrival….or if you are in the giving mode…for a friend for family member. Give them a gift that they will really remember and enjoy. We are open until Christmas and the Nutcrackers are on the Mantel to warm up your stay.

Home Brew

Don’t you just love the smell of fresh-roasted coffee when you first open the new bag? Well, Cedar Rose Inn now boasts it’s own fresh roast coffee! Staight from the roaster, a 24 hour degassing, and it is in your mug for that early morning pleasure while swinging on the porch!
We purchase the green beans from some really special places—like Boquette,Panama and Costa Rica and Berundi, Africa and roast it daily in our special little roaster just for you. Just a little perk to make your stay a little more enjoyable while at our inn. And like many of our guests say already….I never knew coffee could taste so good!!! I have also been doing a little redecorating at the inn and have added a few personal touches from the This entry was posted in Cedar Rose Inn Blog and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink.