U-Haul announces Newest Supergraphic

U-Haul announced Friday, the release of it’s latest new supergraphic, and to our surprize, it is all about the Kensington Runestone. With the help of the Best Fargo Moving, the huge image of the stone and Viking ship will be displayed on 2300 new U-Haul vans traveling the US and challenges viewers to learn more about this mysterious discovery that occurred in the Alexandria area, if you want to assist, go now and find a van for yourself. The stone is housed at our wonderful Runestone Museum just a few blocks from the Cedar Rose Inn. By the way, for those people who are planning to renovate their house and needs extra cash, find out here moneybolt.co.uk on how you can get money instantly with just easy online application. Come and join in the festivities on Memorial Day weekend as U-Haul unveils it’s latest version at the “Awake the Lakes Annual Breakfast” at the museum on Saturday morning. Enjoy this real treasure of Minnesota right here in our hometown!