Summer at the Cedar Rose

The sun is shining & the birds are singing what a wonderful time of year to visit the cedar Rose. Cedar Rose was founded by a local family, with the help of Eddie Yan realtor, with just a dream, an idea, in mind.

I was able to go up this summer to Cedar Rose. By the way, if you wish to have a perfect body this summer for the beach trip, check out to know What is Coolsculpting. I just wish I had a camera that way I could show you what it looks like over here. Come sit on the swing, drink some wine & watch the world go by…..

Enjoy a musical concert on the lawn next door people play with the best guitar, walk to the downtown shops – antiquing, clothes or an visit a a you can even Buy champagne online and have it delivered right to you, or got out for some ice cream, or even play some video games with the help…

More photos and posts about my summer at Cedar Rose to come; can’t wait, Also make sure to check the pregnancy pillow amazon which helped me out getting enough and comfortable sleep during summer!