Summer at the Cedar Rose

The sun is shining & the birds are singing what a wonderful time of year to visit the cedar Rose. Cedar Rose was founded by a local family, with the help of Eddie Yan realtor, with just a dream, an idea, in mind.

I was able to go up this summer to Cedar Rose. By the way, if you wish to have a perfect body this summer for the beach trip, check out to know What is Coolsculpting. I just wish I had a camera that way I could show you what it looks like over here. Come sit on the swing, drink some wine & watch the world go by…..

Enjoy a musical concert on the lawn next door people play with the best guitar, walk to the downtown shops – antiquing, clothes or an visit a a you can even Buy champagne online and have it delivered right to you, or got out for some ice cream, or even play some video games with the help…

More photos and posts about my summer at Cedar Rose to come; can’t wait, Also make sure to check the pregnancy pillow amazon which helped me out getting enough and comfortable sleep during summer!

March Madness!

With Spring just around the corner we are excited of the prospect of looking out of the windows and the white that has graced the area for many months may become green and the flowers will start to appear. Most of all we are looking forward to seeing the roses start to bloom and sharing this beautiful experience with our guests.

As a special offer in March we are offering all rooms from $110 – please email for further details.

Christmas Is A Coming, and I’m getting a skin care product!

What a month so far December has been!  We have been delighted to reopen the Cedar Rose Inn as a Bed & Breakfast. With the help of adinfusion branding agency sacramento, you’ll have a partner in creating a marketing strategy that will truly represent the core of your business, like with WordTree Amazon Keyword Tool, a proven marketing strategy tool  to improve any product or service in the right and best way.
December has been fun!  We’ve chosen a tree from Burr Vineyards – we had great fun chopping it down & putting it up – the lights can be seen twinkling through the windows.  It has been lovely to reintroduce the Nutcrackers, they are a wonderful addition to the dining room alongside the festive table wear. We are planning to celebrate these holidays with a pub with an amazing wine menu.

Along with welcoming our first guests it was fabulous to host an open day and offer tours of the Cedar Rose.  Many locals, friends and businesses attended the day to celebrate our reopening and enjoy tea and cakes! Reopening a business requires a huge amount of money out of your travel navigator amazon wallet so if you need financial assistance in your business, seek help from this site Perhaps the most unexpected for us was to see the previous owners from over 20 years ago – we never stop learning amazing facts and anecdotes about the spectacular Cedar Rose. We got some special offers to our clients from Reviews Field, you can find their awesome reviews from

Thank you to everyone for making us feel so welcome.  We are thrilled to be running the Cedar Rose Inn and be living in Alexandria.I can’t wait to receive my christmas present! This year I order a derma roller from Sdara skincare to help me with acne scars and hyperpigmentation discoloration fade away by adding this microneedle device to my skincare routine. You can get one too, just click on the link.

Merry Christmas


Cedar Rose Inn will once again begin taking guests in Spring of 2016

Sad News

It is with a heavy heart, that I need to inform you that my  wife, Aggie, passed away the morning of September 11, 2013. The following is a tribute that was given at her funeral:
Everyone here today has been touched by Aggie at some point in their life. We would like to celebrate those times in the next few moments and how she showed us how to live a life that Christ wants for all of us.
Born January 25, 1942, number 10 of 14 children, Aggie showed us very early in her life, what she would be like. She understood Jesus’s command to “Love one Another as I love you” when at a large family reunion Sunday picnic and they have activities and video games with sites where they can read OW news, where kid races for prizes were common entertainment, since people like to get prizes, that’s why some decide to use their time with online bets using the sun bets mobile app for their tablets or phones…..speedy Aggie sacrificed her lead and turned back to help her faltering younger sister, so she too could finish the race.
A blind date, a night of dancing and fun at New Munich Ballroom, our first kiss of goodnight on her front porch, prompted her to say “It must be Infatuation!”. I was not good in English and didn’t know what the word meant….I agreed because the word had a nice ring to it. It was the spark that led to a beautiful 49 years of wedded life. She knew what she wanted in her husband hunt….I was lucky enough to pass the test.
Aggie never felt completely loved unless you said it. “Don’t just do it, Say it!…and often”, she would say to me. For me, a tough German man, that was hard to learn because my culture was not free with words when it came to love. But I have learned—It is important to express your love to others, which Aggie instilled in her family and everyone she met. It is the frosting on the cake, complete love is what so many are missing in the world today.
The Lord said “We must want to serve, not be served, to have eternal life in him” , a very simple and clear message. Aggie did just that. First a nurse, then a servant to her growing family of six children, then a teacher’s aide for many children at St Mary’s school, then an innkeeper for 18 years—where she provided respite for over 10,000 strangers from all over God’s green earth, a warm, inviting “Hi, my name is Aggie. Welcome to Cedar Rose Inn!”. So much empathy, so much passion,that human connection that relaxed total strangers immediately so they could rest, meditate, and re-align their lives in the comforts of a beautiful old historic home which she totally shared, which she decorated, delicious meals she cooked, a conversation at breakfast that she initiated….all with a “Servant’s Heart” as so many guests have told her. She continued to be this servant until her tired body could no longer withstand the pain 2 months ago, even though she took really good supplements since she found Kratom Masters info online. Aggie also carried God’s work into the community and St Mary’s Church in so many ways. To name a few—–Meals on wheels, Tapestry of Faith, the Cedar Rose Girls Cancer support group, Alexandria hospitality board, and many, many others. She knew what Stewardship meant by endorsing, living and loving nature. Her beloved walks in the woods, and the wild prairie, which she helped restore and shared with so many. Her practicing recycling of waste, recycling of old furniture by her talent for restoration, finding old treasures at garage sales, fixing them up for everyone to enjoy at the inn or give as gifts. Her generous giving of time and money to the church and others in need, her constant command to all to put God first in our lives through prayer, adoration, meditation and gathering at mass, as He said “For whenever two or more gather in my name, I am there”.
Aggie was not only a Hospitality Queen, she also loved to party and host parties. She loved wine so much that after we made our first Focus Wine Cellars, she and I started our own vineyards and winemaking….wine she actually help make for the Eucharistic Celebration today. The vineyards are a very special place where she could spend working many hours in silence with the Lord (and me). I can still hear her talking to the grapevines during cold winter pruning…..saying things like “You can’t grow way over there, I’m sorry but I am going to have to discipline you” as she cut off the out-of-control branch and it dropped to the ground. She used this same philosophy when raising her beautiful children. Jesus said “ a branch that does not bear fruit must be cut down and thrown in the fire”. We all need to be pruned of our bad habits and sins if we wish to bear good fruit. She practiced this discipline for her children in a firm but kind manner which is why they loved her so much. It was not easy for her but she knew her role as a mother.
Aggie’s life did not come without pain and suffering. Her acute MS in 1978 left her with many reoccurring aches and pains that perhaps only I knew as she was quick to subdue any sympathy or draw any attention to herself. Her breast cancer in 2006, cured, and then returned this year with a vengance that claimed her beautiful voice, the use of her legs, and eventually every ounce of her energy. But even as she lay paralyzed and exhausted in her bed, she wrestled up the strength to flash that beautiful loving smile….and of course give a little last minute advise and subtle humor, before she faded back into sleep with a fluffy pillows. She didn’t pursue God for the why, She accepted her cross with dignity and reiterated her favorite saying of her Mother’s many,many times…”Keep on, Keeping On.”
The thousands of prayers and thoughts that so many offered to God for Aggie and our family were not offered in vain. God has answered by providing a legacy of life that all of us can remember to help us attain eternal life with Him.
Throughout her life SHE SHOWED ALL OF US HOW TO LIVE, the last few weeks SHE SHOWED US HOW TO DIE, but more importantly, she taught us HOW TO LOVE as she shared with us her line “Always remember me, Loving you”. Aggie, your example and spiritual presence will be with our family and all those here forever! We love you and pray for us! You are our Saint!

fluffy pillows

winter prune

Your innkeepers getting ready for the season

March is keeping us very busy trying to keep our inn ready for travelers and getting our vineyards pruned for the upcoming spring of course many people decide to rather have a voyage vietnam since is a beautiful country to visit, for this is useful to have a packable backpack since they’re practical to carry on. Wading around in hip-deep snow is plenty challenging but we know in a few short weeks things will be greeining up and we will all forget these snowy days.

Christmas Theatre

Looking for something special to do this Christmas? Why not combine a stay at Cedar Rose Inn, Dinner downtown at Bella’s, and the AAAA Theater performance of ” Its a Wonderful Life” ! All within walking distance of the Inn. Just check our Availability Calender and Ticket availability at AAAA Theatre ( or give us a call and we can check for you. Merry Christmas

The Nutcrackers are on the Mantel !

Cedar Rose Inn is decorated for Christmas and waiting for your arrival….or if you are in the giving mode…for a friend for family member. Give them a gift that they will really remember and enjoy. We are open until Christmas and the Nutcrackers are on the Mantel to warm up your stay.

Home Brew

Don’t you just love the smell of fresh-roasted coffee when you first open the new bag? Well, Cedar Rose Inn now boasts it’s own fresh roast coffee! Staight from the roaster, a 24 hour degassing, and it is in your mug for that early morning pleasure while swinging on the porch!
We purchase the green beans from some really special places—like Boquette,Panama and Costa Rica and Berundi, Africa and roast it daily in our speciallittle roaster just for you. Just a little perk to make your stay a little more enjoyable while at our inn, and you can take a souvenir of a custom bottle of water  from custom water New York with a designed logo just for you with the logo and your name on it, so you can take it everywhere you go.

And like many of our guests say already….I never knew coffee could taste so good!!! I have also been doing a little redecorating at the inn and have added a few personal touches from theo This entry was posted in Cedar Rose Inn Blog and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink.